Passes + Prices

The MetroWest Express is designed for employees, with weekday peak travel time service. The monthly passes are the greatest value for employees to save on their commute. The Express offers other passes for shorter duration for project based contractors, clients, consultants and interns. Our goal is to serve the communities with efficient and comfortable service at an affordable rate. Please see details of our fares below.

This 31 day pass is offered for the commuter traveling weekdays to and from their office.

  • Enjoy nearly immediate ridership for the following 31 days from date of purchase (Not on a calendar month)
  • Discounted rate for corporate MetroWest TMA member
  • Travel on ANY coach schedule, no reserved trips.
  • Check with your employer for subsidized commuter travel programs
  • Preferential boarding at all stops

$295 per month for TMA members and $325 for non-members.

Perfect for the visitor, these single passes can be purchased with the driver as long as there space available. One Time passes can be used within one year of purchase.

$11.00 per Single Time Fare (One Way)


Children under 14 may ride free with an adult. 

The 10-Ride Pack is designed for project based commuters who are traveling less frequently and for shorter than a month. 10-pack tickets offer a discount from purchasing one-way tickets and must be used within 14 days of purchase. 

The cost of the 10-pack is $85.00 for non-TMA members and $75.00 for TMA members. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will work hard to provide safe transit even during inclement weather. We will provide updates to service via twitter and SMS text message to current pass holders. Please make sure to follow us and monitor for SMS text message alerts

Children under 4 are FREE to travel as long as they are with a pass holder or ticketed passenger. Individuals MUST be over the age of 16 to ride without an adult. The driver can ask for identification.


Service Animals are always allowed on board with proper identification. Other animals are not permitted on the coach at this time.

No, everyone is welcome to travel on the MetroWest Express. Corporate discounts for members of the Metro West TMA are available and our service locations are designed for the convenience of the large workforce in these corporate buildings. 

Unfortunately not at this time. We do have reminder emails and SMS text messages that will remind you when you are within 10 days of the end of your pass. 

Absolutely. When you purchase the monthly pass, the system will send you a PDF pass that has the barcode in the pdf. Just print that and have it with you during your travel.


If your phone is not working, the driver can look up your last name and verify with a valid photo ID. We request this be used only as a back-up so as to expedite the boarding process.